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High-grade outdoor paint KOVA HydroProof CT-04 TM Formulated with Pure Acrylic and Modified Silicon, it prevents water from entering the paint film, prevents the formation of cracks* on the new paint film and covers the existing cracks* on the old paint film.

Protective film KOVA HydroProof CT-04 TM with high-grade waterproofing and extremely high elasticity to help protect the wall against the ingress of water from the outside. At the same time, the paint film is extremely stretchy with outstanding adhesion, limiting and covering cracks*, helping to keep the wall surface strong and new.

(*) Apply to crow's feet cracks.


  • Perfect high-grade waterproof, good cleaning resistance.
  • High elasticity, helps to cover small cracks for the wall.
  • Paint film durable, extremely glossy. Glossy surface.
  • Anti-mosquito, mildew.
  • Weather resistant, extremely UV resistant.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, free of lead, mercury and other harmful substances


Packing : 4kg carton; 20kg Thùng barrel
Applicable surface: Outdoor surfaces of concrete walls, cement mortar after using KOVA's recommended product system in order: Waterproofing CT-11A Plus Wall, KOVA outdoor flexible putty/Mastic and KOVA outdoor alkali resistant primer.
Theoretical surface drying time: 30 minutes, depending on weather conditions.
Theoretical norm: 6.0- 6.5m 2 /kg/2 layers. Depending on construction requirements, surface and construction techniques
Ingredients: Pure Acrylic, Titanium Oxide, active additives and modifiers

Surface preparation

  • Old walls must be scraped off grease, moss, old layers of paint and lime, then washed thoroughly with clean water and left to dry.
  • New walls must be allowed to dry and stabilize the structure (minimum 12-15 days). Clean dirt.
  • If it is necessary to smooth the wall, use Putty / Mastic Plastic.
  • The surface of the mortar must be applied with an Outdoor Alkali Resistant Primer before applying topcoat.
  • To prevent the wall from seeping, the CT-11A Plus Wall Waterproofing product is recommended.


Step 1 : Add clean water (absolutely no cement) to the consistency depending on temperature and humidity:

  • Light color - white: add 10-15% water.
  • Dark color: mix 0-5% water because dark paint has a higher fluidity than light color - white.
  • Stir again until the paint is uniform.

Step 2 : Apply 2 coats of primer on the surface. Each class is spaced 3-4 hours apart.

  • High gloss paint should limit patching because it can cause color deviation. Re-roll a layer if needed.
  • Stir the paint evenly while applying.


            The working environment must be well ventilated. Wear gloves, masks and eye protection while working. In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor immediately. Please refer to the latest technical and safety documentation before use.

            Đại lý có tài khoản vui lòng đăng nhập để mua hàng hoặc đăng ký tài khoản (tại đây).

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