KOVA CN-05 Heat Resistant Paint (Corrugated Roof)

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Heat Resistant Paint KOVA CN-05 is a completely new, intelligent cooling solution with exterior coating. The paint film has a special structure with dual action:

It helps to reduce the amount of heat transferred inside the house  
Both help increase the ability to reflect heat from the sun up to 90%
Provides maximum heat reduction efficiency by reducing the surface of the material up to 25 degrees Celsius, keeping the house cool throughout the day.
Reduces surface temperature directly exposed to the sun by up to 25 degrees Celsius
(*) The more sunny it is, the more the surface temperature will decrease (especially for the surface that is directly affected by the west sun)

Increase the ability to dissipate heat inside the building as soon as the sun goes out, thereby helping to reduce cooling power significantly

Outstanding anti-fouling, anti-moss mold helps paint surface to be durable and always new, thereby maintaining long-term heat resistance.

Helps reduce material elasticity when the temperature changes continuously, thereby increasing the life of the building

The paint film adheres well, helping to increase the durability of the material

Theoretical norms

Roof: 1.4 – 2.5 m2 / kg/2 layers
Wall: 3 – 4 m2 / kg/2 class
Applicable surface: Roof & Wall
Dry Thickness: Corrugated iron roof: 150 – 300 micron/layer Walls: 100 – 120 microns/layer


Old corrugated iron: Clean rust stains, let it dry and must be primed with KOVA KG-01 water-based anti-rust paint Connect, screw to limit rust Old wall: Scrape off top layer of old paint, then clean thoroughly with clean water and let dry New wall: Allow to dry to stabilize texture (minimum 12-15 days) and clean surface dirt
1. Surface treatment of corrugated iron
    1. Wall surface treatment
    2. Water-based anti-rust primer KOVA KG-01 (1 layer primer) 2. Premium waterproofing agent KOVA CT-11A Plus Wall
    3. KOVA CN-05 Multi-function exterior heat resistant paint (2 coats) 3. Exterior flexible mastic KOVA MT-N (1 layer)
    4. KOVA K-209 Alkaline Resistant Exterior Primer (1 coat)
    5. KOVA CN-05 Multi-function exterior heat resistant paint (2 coats)

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