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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION KOVA KG-01 Water-Based Anti-Rust Primer is a one-component water-based anti-rust paint based on Methacrylate film, developed for immediate and long-term rust protection of steel and other metal materials. with a lifespan of more than 5 years. Used for lining indoor and outdoor metal and steel surfaces, tanks, pipes, iron doors, corrugated iron roofs, bridges, ships, traffic signs...
  • Used as a primer for metal paint systems, water-based fireproof paints.
  • Immediate and long-lasting rust protection for steel and metal materials.
  • Has good properties because it dries quickly and is not flammable like solvent-based paints.
  • When burned, it does not emit toxic gases and is more heat resistant than solvent-based paints.
  • The paint film is weather-resistant, especially in alkaline environments.
  • Resistant to sunlight, so it can be applied well for outdoor projects.
  • Easy to use and easy to store.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, free of lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals, safe for construction and use
PRODUCT INFORMATION Applicable surface

Metal surface.

Theoretical norms

5.0 – 6.0m²/kg (for 1 layer), depending on the material surface


Carton 5kg


Surface preparation

All surfaces must be cleaned by grinding, chemical method, sandblasting, ball blasting or sanding to remove old layers of rust, old paint, grease, and dirt. Blow off dust and dry the surface.


  • Step 1: Stir the paint bucket thoroughly. If it is sunny or the paint bucket is thick, you can add clean water to fit the liquid. Stir again until the paint is uniform
  • Step 2: Apply 1-2 coats of KOVA KG-01 water-based anti-rust paint, spaced 3-4 hours apart.

The working environment must be well ventilated. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Wear gloves, masks and eye protection while working. In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor immediately. Please refer to the new technical and safety documentation before use.

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