Cuong Lam Positions


As one of the frontline departments, the sales department needs to deliver dedicated and professional service experiences, build long-term relationships with customers and tap into new potential, and at the same time promote sales.


The accounting department includes taxes and liabilities. Tax accountants comply with tax authorities' regulations to control the issuance of financial invoices and prepare monthly reports. Debt accountants manage customer debt and company's daily cash flow.


The admin team accompanies the sales department to support more effective customer care: through relationship care, sales promotion, quick delivery coordination, and other after-sales services.


Warehouse staff ensure seamless distribution operations in order to provide the highest possible service to Cuong Lam's customers. The main task is to accurately manage inventory and maximize operational efficiency.


The delivery department consists of drivers and delivery personnel, all of whom have a common responsibility to ensure fast, accurate deliveries. As the department that has a lot of contact with customers, it requires attention and enthusiasm when solving problems.

Technical and After-Sales Support

Technical staff will be equipped with product expertise to handle customer problems in a timely and efficient manner. As one of the after-sales services, the work criterion is to bring confidence about the product to customers.

Cuong Lam Culture

Core Values

At Cuong Lam, integrity , trust and care are the most important core values for us. Over the past 30 years, we have built our business on these three values that underpin our reputation with our partners, and customers. Therefore, we are constantly improving service quality for customers, as well as creating trust for partners, employees and the community.


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