Những Nguyên Nhân Chính Gây Nghẹt Bàn Cầu Và Cách Khắc Phục Bàn Cầu TOTO.

The Main Causes Of Clogged Toilets And How To Fix The TOTO Toilets.

The toilet is an auxiliary work that plays an important role to solve the daily needs of people. Therefore, when incidents such as clogged toilets, leaking toilets or smelly toilets all greatly affect the activities of family members.

There are many different reasons why toilets are often clogged. Find out the exact cause of the clogged toilet to have the most reasonable solution. Here are the common causes of clogged toilets in many homes:

  1. The cesspool is too old, the storage capacity is not guaranteed
  2. The toilet is often clogged due to putting too much toilet paper in the toilet
  3. Install the toilet in the wrong position, not in accordance with the technical requirements
  4. Accidentally dropped a foreign, non-degradable object into the toilet
  5. The septic tank is full, causing frequent clogged toilets
  6. Do not install the vent pipe or the toilet vent pipe is blocked, installed in the wrong position
  7. Using a waste pipe of non-standard size, diameter smaller than technical regulations.

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1. Procedures for receiving & handling blocked TOTO toilets are as follows:

  • The technical & warranty team of Cuong Lam NPP will receive information from the Dealer about the problems that customers encounter during the use of the product.
  • The technical & warranty team of NPP Cuong Lam conducts product error verification as follows:
  • Free warranty: for TOTO products with manufacturing defects or defects in materials under normal conditions of use and service (within the warranty period).
  • Chargeable warranty : for TOTO products that have expired warranty or errors caused by the use process.

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2. Some simple and easy ways to fix a clogged toilet:

  1. How to deal with a clogged toilet with enzymes (Enzyme is a biological catalyst capable of softening waste and residue inside the toilet)
  2. Unclog toilet with baking soda and salt
  3. Use a rubber piston to unclog the toilet quickly
  4. Pour boiled water to unclog the toilet quickly

3. How to completely handle the problem of clogged TOTO toilet from the technical & warranty team of Cuong Lam NPP:

  1. Conduct a physical inspection at the customer's site to verify the causes listed in item 1.
  2. Handling the problem of grinding errors according to 2 possible cases according to item 2.
  3. Sign a record confirming that the incident has been successfully handled at the construction site.

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